lightscameraconnect is a professional publishing platform featuring a suite of modern publishing tools that allow you to focus on what matters most, your content.

Launch your platform

LCC is a service as a platform done for you professional publishing platformed in a box delivered with white glove sevice a custom box on top.

We believe it's simplify not enough to say your tech does this or that and overproomised and undelivered...

it must just work.

We've embrace the life style of essentialism less is better and it can be seen and experience at every level of our business.

From click mimimazatiom. One tap platform installs to world class hold your hand custome success team of passionate creator and developer... when we say we've got your back... we simple ask the only way to really find out if we do is give us a test spin and experience the magic.

Activate the magic (button)

1 tap platform launch...

Fully host, with custom integrations already done ....

A professional publishing platform in a box... not sluggish plugins needed.

Add your domain.

Live chat

Bundled and supercharge with the best intergration ready to roll.

Podcasting built in

Blogging built in

Social sharing

Email subscriber list builder

Flexible monization opportunities built in as a check box feature

And more.

Funding button

Custom menu and page linked

Beautiful admin dashboard this a

One is with the price in gold!

Imagine having a world class  engineering and developer team build maintain curate the best professional grade content publishing software in the world bundle it up and make it just work inspired by the essentialism movement click tap minimization we spent the last two years in the basement in our garage coating curating and integrating so you can have  most modern up-to-date future proof content publishing platform experience the magic activate your platform now

Preflight checklist

Do you make your on boarding and platform as a service experience as ideal and effortless as possible we kindly ask that you prepare this list of items in advance.  Of course you can skip through this come back to it later it just makes your life a bit easier having these items ready to roll.

What makes us stand out our white loves our world-class white glove called your hand until you’re 100% comfortable success team that doesn’t rest until you have fully launched your platform and are publishing the content you need.

Focus on your content not Code

Content not Code

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to focus on your content not the code

Plug and play is a done for you white glove service as a platform you’re able to launch a professional publishing platform with your custom domain custom menu podcast ready content management system integrated live stream and check out our ad on integrations page for one tap supercharging